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Means Fine Chemicals

ANFECHEM is a young company. Derives from the DYSMOL Research Group (Desgin and Molecular Synthesis). We are located in the laboratory of Bioingineering of the University Miguel Hernandez


Anfechem News

  1. 1 September 2018 - Our online shop is now running. You can purchase all our product in our online shop. Pay it and we will send you.
  2. 1 Agost 2018  - Our web page is running.

About us

ANFECHEM is a business project that emerged from the union of Ángela Sastre Santos and Fernando Fernández Lázaro, two Professors of Organic Chemistry, PhDs in Chemical Sciences with extensive experience in the preparation and study of chemical compounds, and Nathalie Zink Lorre, PhD in Bioengineering and graduated in Pharmacy.  
ANFECHEM fits into the chemical sector as a company dedicated to the production and sale of organic molecules and polymers with high market value that present unusual electrical, optical and/or magnetic properties for application in bio- and nanotechnology, generation of renewable energy and medicine, both diagnostic and therapeutic.   
In ANFECHEM we put all our experience at the service of our customers with an ever increasing catalogue of molecules with high scientific and technological projection.   
We are dedicated to the preparation and distribution of high performance compounds useful in the fields of new technologies and renewable energies, and that are currently being studied and used in nanotechnology, biotechnology and medicine, both diagnostic and therapeutic..   
Your success, our success.





Miguel Hernandez University        
Elche - Spain